Hi there!

My name is Jasmine and I wish things were easier to read.

I frequently choose to read nonfiction over fiction. The real world fascinates me and I want to know more about real things. I enjoy reading books on philosophy, science, math, architecture, and religion. And although I find these topics intriguing, I often put a book down midway because, well, it just isn’t fun to read. Nonfiction would take me significantly longer to get through than fiction.

So, in pursuit of making real-world topics more digestible, I design heavy text, create infographics and visualize data.

Whether you’ve written a full-blown report and need to visualize concepts or need an infographic for your blog post, I’m your girl. I love abstracting sophisticated ideas into diagrams and visually representing data with high precision. The goal is to make your content as effective as possible, ensure your reader understands and gets through to the end.

I’ve been immersed in the design field and production of graphic content for a decade now! See what I have to offer here and let’s talk about your vision.

“What does Jaszity mean?” You ask. It’s a two-part word combining my nickname, Jas, and the word “city.” Besides an indulgence in my love for architecture, I chose the word “city” because it’s a place with bountiful information where patterns can be drawn and connections can be made – ultimately, offering useful data to increase our quality of life.

Outside of my career, I’m raising monsters that will change the world, I keep in touch with my spiritual side daily, oh, and I’m a New Yorker who is always down for a $1 slice of pizza!